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1 P40U Mitsubishi Part in Stock

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P40U Refurbished Mitsubishi Ampronix  US (CA)
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How can Medical Equipment Finders help you?

Whether it's new, refurbished or used, the Mitsubishi dealers and resellers on Medical Equipment Finders can help you buy the right equipment and parts as well as dispose of your excess medical and hospital equipment.

Use our free search to find Mitsubishi dealers and brokers that have the medical equipment and parts you are looking for. Then, simply contact the sellers and receive multiple quotations for the equipment you are interested in purchasing. Tired of wasting time searching online to only find unqualified resellers or brokers that don't have the equipment on hand? Go directly to the source on Medical Equipment Finders. Our stocking vendors have been qualified to have the parts in stock and ready to ship.

Who are the Mitsubishi medical equipment dealers, brokers and resellers on Medical Equipment Finders?

Members on Medical Equipment Finders include the largest and most reliable companies in the medical and healthcare equipment secondary market. These companies specialize in buying and selling new, surplus, refurbished, discontinued and used medical and healthcare systems of manufacturers such as Mitsubishi. In addition, many companies provide maintenance & repair, asset management, consignment, spare parts sourcing and other services.

Mitsubishi and other medical dealers, brokers and resellers on Medical Equipment Finders sell:
  • medical parts
  • New, refurbished and used ultrasound equipment
  • ECG, EKG, EMG, EEG and other electrical activity measurement tools
  • Bronchoscope, colonoscope, cystoscope, gastroscope and other endoscopy equipment
  • New, used and refurbished veterinary equipment
  • Apnea, bedside, fetal, neonatal and oxygen monitors
  • Dermatology, dialysis, neurology, sterile processing, urology and vascular equipment and parts